Holistic Approaches to Wellness, Life, and Stress Management

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Content provided by Alica Ramos, Wellness Coach at Chill Counseling

Coaching can empower you with tools and strategies to reduce stress and its impact on your well-being.

A variety of techniques can be used to manage stress. These include mental, emotional, and behavioral strategies. When stress management is used regularly and in response to stressful life events, we can optimize our well-being!  This includes healthy physical activity, nourishing your body, hydrating, and creating mindfulness and meditation habits to feel better and energized.

Mindset matters.

Changing our minds is just one avenue for stress management. We will practice stress management techniques that capitalize on the body-mind connection. Some science-based stress management techniques include progressive muscle relaxation, meditation, and mindfulness. While you’re waiting to get started, check out the CHILL Method for Managing Stress as well.

How can coaching help?


How we communicate with people is so important for how we get along with them, how we get what we need from them, and how stressful it is to be around them. So building our communication skills is probably one of the most important stress management techniques for the workplace and at home. Do you have challenges speaking up or being assertive? Coaching strategies can support in empowering what you need to say in an effective and efficient manner.

Healthy Boundaries

One of the challenges of work or home life is that our employers and families want to get the most out of us, but we only have so much we can give without becoming exhausted or burnout. Learning to negotiate what we are and are not willing to do is essential to maintaining a lower stress workplace and at home.

Positive Interactions

One of the absolute best ways to de-stress and thrive is to have positive social connections with others. If we can create some positive connections with others at work, home etc, they can help buffer the negative effects of a stressful workplace and at home.

How is coaching different from therapy?

Therapy is a regulated health profession that includes goal setting related to your mental and emotional well-being. However, therapy also explores history, family, and various psychological factors impacting your current experience.


Coaching is not regulated but can be beneficial to your well-being in other ways. Coaches often identify and describe current problematic behaviors so the client can work to modify them. Wellness and Life Coaches tend to focus on the “how” over the “why.” 


Counseling and Coaching overlap in terms of helping you live your best life. However, coaching may be more appropriate for someone who is generally functioning well, but needs some assistance in accountability towards goals. Counseling may be more appropriate if someone would benefit from deeper exploration and healing as they work toward their goals.

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Cori Hill, NCC, LPC, LMFT Owner & Clinical Director


Alicia Ramos, LPC Associate Supervised by Lynne Silver, LPC-S