A 6-week, virtual group for college students who want to better navigate the stress and anxiety that comes with balancing school and other commitments.


College can be a time of excitement, growth and difficulty. Unfortunately, we are not given a road map at orientation about how to navigate stress, anxiety, and balancing this stage in life. Join us for a 6-week, virtual group to build your toolbox to have grit and growth for graduation.

Academics, Activities, and Adulting? That's a lot to balance!

Hey there! I am a licensed professional counseling associate who has been facilitating various group for the last year. I am a Latina woman who is a first-generation college graduate with a passion to create a space for those in their college journey to grow and gain support. I, too have been where you are and hope to help you navigate the many challenges of college life.

supervisor: Roxanne Deams, LPC-S


To help you gain some insight on what to expect from participating in the group, below are some session topics. Topics may vary according to the needs of participants.


Anxiety can play a role in our daily life, but can be heightened during the college experience. We can have anxiety about study skills, tests, management of workload, etc. 


Being in college can be stressful and at times that stress can become overwhelming. You may have noticed your body giving you warning signs of stress which include, difficulty sleeping, headaches, stomach or digestion problems. 


We will explore questions such as: How much studying is too much studying? How much sleep should I be getting? How do I fit classes into my work schedule?


This group is virtual and open to all college students in Texas.

Spring 2022

Wednesdays 6:00 – 7:00
March 23 through April 27




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Paperwork and Payment

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Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Who can participate?

Anyone who is currently enrolled in college courses. Participants must be physically in the state of Texas for all sessions.

Can I choose which sessions to attend?

The group is a 6-week commitment and its effectiveness depend on group dynamic and active participation. While you may not find all topics pertinent to your college experience, you may be able to lend insight to the group. 

Is it confidential?

As the facilitator and therapist, I will honor my ethics to keep everything shared within the group is confidential. While members do not have the same ethical obligations, the group relies on mutual trust and respect of one another and your privacy. 

Can my friend join with me?

I love that you and your friend are committed to growing during this season of life and would be happy to have you extend an invitation to your friend to join our group. 

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