Katrina Sterling, Counselor Intern
Supervisor: Cori Hill, LPC, LMFT


  • Who I Am

    I always say I have two homes; Houston, TX and Seattle, WA. I was born and raised in Houston (where I currently reside), but found my inner foundation during my 10+ years in Seattle. I am a proud Black/Jamaican-American and 2nd generation immigrant. I am also gender-fluid and pansexual, and a former church group leader. I love being outdoors and anywhere near (or in) bodies of water…add some music, and it becomes my happy place. I will also never pass up an opportunity to travel or karaoke with friends.

  • What I Do

    I help others locate their own narrative in any and every situation or story. When we own our own narrative, we declare and validate our truths. I am here to be of support in helping you find your own validation to reclaim your story (and live your best life)!  I also believe we are relational beings, and I am here to help you in creating supportive relationship with others and with your environment.

  • Why I Do It

    I have done a lot of healing and journeying within my own identity and experiences, and hold a strong commitment to helping others along their journey as well. We all deserve an optimum quality of life and, more times than not, other humans and systems govern the strings that determine that quality. Despite what we may be led to believe, we still have power to heal. I believe we receive the answers we are seeking by connecting to our healing (and/or recovery) and by listening to our honest and vulnerable selves without judgment. If you're reading this, you've already listened to the part of you that knows you deserve better. I’m proud of you for giving yourself permission to be here!


Selecting the right therapist is important and we know it. Here's a bit about my vibe.


I absolutely love witnessing other people experience joy and pride in their lives, or in something they created, by way of their own validation. I will make sure you always feel supported in the direction that centers your peace, and validated in your thoughts and feelings.


I will always consider the context of society, culture, and systemic oppression in our work together. I acknowledge that traditional western medicine and therapy have caused pain for many people and communities. You may be weary of therapy-- it’s understandable. I will meet you where you are with openness, warmth, and awareness.


We are not defined by our challenges, our victories, our mistakes, or our abilities. You are a person deserving of joy and peace, despite any past decisions and consequences. I will always see your strengths and your values first, and I will hold that as the most important context that centers our work together. 


Below are the services I offer at Chill Counseling. If you think I'd be a fit for something you don't see below, please reach out! If I can't do it, we may know someone who can!

Consulting & Speaking

Mental health education, consultation, and training for groups. Presentations, panels, and workshops. Contact for pricing.


Your investment is $85 for 50 minute sessions.
If you have BCBS, Aetna, Cigna, or United Healthcare insurance, we can match your co-pay as low as $45 per session.


We offer a limited number of reduced investment spots for clients with financial need.


I am qualified to counsel on a variety of challenges. Below are just a few areas I help clients with most.


Whether lifelong or a recent experience, this may look like worrying a lot, struggling with intrusive thoughts, and/or often feeling restless.

Racial Stress & Trauma

Research shows that racism results in psychological injuries for those impacted. Therapy can help you unpack these experiences and reclaim your power.

LGBTQIA+ Concerns

LGBTQIA+ folks face some of the same difficulties as other folks but also have unique challenges best navigated with a therapist who gets it.

Stress Management

Stress is your physiological response to the demands of life. Too much stress create significant problems for your health. Counseling can help you reduce or better manage it.


Just a little bit more about my professional background


Master of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling,
Antioch University Seattle
in progress


Counselor Intern, practicing under the supervision and license of Cori Hill, LPC (#79907), LMFT (#203401)

Trainings and Certifications

Certified Alternative Healing Practitioner - Place of Bliss Academy
Alternative Healing Therapist Certified - Udemy
Certified Trauma Professional Certificate (training complete) - Evergreen
EMDR, CBT, Somatic-Based Interventions to Move Clients from Surviving to Thriving - Arielle Schwartz
Emotion-Focused Individual Therapy (EFIT) for Attachment Trauma - Sue Johnson and Leanne Campbell
Conflict Resolution and De-escalation Certificate

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