Hey, I'm VIolet!

Violet Moon, Counselor Intern
Supervisor: Cori Hill, LPC, LMFT


  • Who I Am

    I am a fighter, feeler, and healer. I connect deeply with life and the things we can't see. I walk this life a curious, queer, and genderless French-American who loves to hang out with their cat, eat bread, read stories about magic, and dance. And although I am often wandering the woods or centuries-old cities, the ocean is my favorite place.

  • What I Do

    As a mental health counselor in training, I combine traditional and modern methods to help clients achieve balance and well-being. I merge ancient wisdom with modern research to provide safe and effective treatments for lasting change. Guiding clients on their journey towards mental health is a humbling and rewarding privilege for me.

  • Why I Do It

    Because radical revolution of generational, societal, and familial systems is built when we come together and help one another. Love (as a choice, practice, and commitment) is my how and why.


Selecting the right therapist is important and we know it. Here's a bit about my vibe.


In our therapeutic bond, trust, honesty, and openness are the cornerstones. I will be genuine in my self-expression, with the hope of creating a place for you to feel safe exploring the same. Together, we'll find ways to celebrate what makes us human (and in a way, divine) — embracing this vulnerability as a strength as we delve into your experiences and strive towards your goals.


I do not pretend to know what you're going through, but I will sit with you all the same. An intuitive approach with me means, I will guide and cultivate a relationship where you can trust the direction of your healing. It means that you can rely on me to hold and listen to all the parts of you, helping to build paths between the pieces that might've felt too gone.


I often pull from non-traditional methods such as nature, dance, and spirituality to address trauma at its core. This is because, often, the impact of trauma (and thus the role of healing) goes beyond the mind— so we need tools that connect us back to our body, and to our Self. Using the natural world, somatic practices, and your inherent creativity allows us to nurture deep inner healing and foster a renewed sense of connection within yourself.


Below are the services I offer at Chill Counseling. If you think I'd be a fit for something you don't see below, please reach out! If I can't do it, we may know someone who can!


Your investment is $85 for 50 minute sessions.

If you have BCBS, Cigna, Aetna, or United Healthcare insurance, we may be able to match your co-pay for as low as $45 per session. 


We offer a limited number of reduced investment spots for clients with financial need.


I am qualified to counsel on a variety of challenges. Below are just a few areas I help clients with most.


Whether lifelong or a recent experience, this may look like worrying a lot, struggling with intrusive thoughts, and/or often feeling restless.

Trauma & EMDR

Difficult experiences may leave us feeling lost and unlike ourselves. Trauma therapy can help you process the past to move forward to the future you deserve.

LGBTQIA+ Concerns

LGBTQIA+ folks face some of the same difficulties as other folks but also have unique challenges best navigated with a therapist who gets it.

Stress Management

Stress is your physiological response to the demands of life. Too much stress create significant problems for your health. Counseling can help you reduce or better manage it.


Just a little bit more about my professional background


Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling,
Palo Alto University
in progress


Counselor Intern, practicing under the supervision and license of Cori Hill, LPC (#79907), LMFT (#203401)

Trainings and Certifications

Thematic Lab with Stanley Ollivier on Energy & Care — P.A.R.T.S Summer Residency in Belgium
Individual Foundations of Expressive Arts Therapy 1 & 2 — Center For Creative Arts Therapy
Training Acceptance — Somatic Experiencing® International
Mandated Reporter for Mental Health Professionals — California Department of Social Services
Recovery Mentor & Program Co-Creator — Healing For Eating Disorders
Dance Therapy Educator — The Monarch Institute
Professional Movement Artist — Freelance, LEON Contemporary, Revolve Dance Company
Integrative Neurolinguistic Programming (iNLP) Practitioner — The Empowerment Partnership

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