Hey, I'm Brandy!

Brandy Anders, Counselor Intern Supervisor: Cori Hill, LPC, LMFT


  • Who I Am

    I am a Dallas native living an “interesting but ordinary" life. I am creative, engaging, and most importantly to me, in tune with who I am as a woman! I love to shop, read, dance, travel, and workout.

  • What I Do

    I'm currently finishing my degree. Don't worry, I'm new to counseling but not new to life! I help my clients improve their lives by exploring creative ways to navigate complex challenges in life. My hope is clients walk away feeling restored in their confidence, worth, and overall mental wellbeing!

    I am passionate about helping my clients create lasting change through healing of the mind and body, finding inner and outer peace. This holistic approach allows me to consider clients' whole selves by integrating methods of meditation, yoga, and energy healing.

  • Why I Do It

    Life taught me that healing does not happen over night. It’s a journey not a destination. I’m very passionate about self-discovery and healing. Through experiences I’ve learned that when you heal the mind the body will follow.


Selecting the right therapist is important and we know it. Here's a bit about my vibe.


Sometimes—yes, even with some of the hardest times—I believe that humor can be healing. I am dedicated to helping you find creative ways to break out of old thinking patterns and develop new ways of coping. We will make space for both tears and laughs.


Your wellbeing is important to me. I view therapy as a partnership where we work together to promote growth, and I don't give up. If something isn't working, we will try a new thing to help you reach your goals.


We all have things about ourselves that we like and don't like. I accept you for the person that you are because you matter. I will create a warm, safe, and judgement-free space that will help you on your journey.


Below are the services I offer at Chill Counseling. If you think I'd be a fit for something you don't see below, please reach out! If I can't do it, we may know someone who can!

Consulting & Speaking

Mental health education, consultation, and training for groups. Presentations, panels, and workshops. Contact for pricing.




After August 15:


Your investment is $75 for 50 minute sessions.

If you have BCBS, Aetna, or United Healthcare insurance, you may be eligible for a reduced rate as low as $30.
(This is available only for individual therapy and not for relationship therapy.)

We offer a limited number of reduced investment spots for clients with financial need.


I am qualified to counsel on a variety of challenges. Below are just a few areas I help clients with most.


Whether lifelong or a recent experience, this may look like worrying a lot, struggling with intrusive thoughts, and/or often feeling restless.


More than just "feeling sad," depression can look different for each person. You may isolate, lack motivation, or have trouble enjoying things. Or you may appear to be doing well but suffering silently.

Trauma & EMDR

Difficult experiences may leave us feeling lost and unlike ourselves. Trauma therapy can help you process the past to move forward to the future you deserve.

Stress Management

Stress is your physiological response to the demands of life. Too much stress create significant problems for your health. Counseling can help you reduce or better manage it.


Just a little bit more about my professional background


Master of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling,
University of Phoenix in progress


Counselor Intern, practicing under the supervision and license of Cori Hill, LPC (#79907), LMFT (#203401)

Trainings and Certifications

Certified Trauma Professional - Evergreen
Evidence-Based Trauma Treatments & Interventions
Overcoming Trauma-Related Shame and Self-Loathing with Janina Fisher
The 10 Core Competencies of Trauma, PTSD, Grief & Loss
Trauma Defined: Bessel van der Kolk on The Body Keeps the Score
Conflict Resolution and De-escalation Certificate

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