Free 15-Minute Consultation Request Form

We are not a crisis support agency. If you are in crisis, please do not complete this form. Instead, please utilize the appropriate resources linked here.

Please complete the form below in full. It will be to your benefit to review the bio(s) of the clinician(s) you want to work with prior to completing this form. Please note that you are not considered a client until you have completed our intake paperwork which you will receive if you decide to move forward after the consultation.  This form is long but is designed to help us make sure we are a good fit for you (and to send you awesome, tailored referrals if we are not).

If you are not seeking counseling services and are instead interested in our consulting or speaking services, please use our contact form instead.

Free Consultation Guide

Choosing the right therapist is important. To help you prepare for your consultation (with us or beyond the Chill team) we’ve created this consultation guide. See you soon!