Women of all ages, backgrounds, and life experiences who navigate the world as Black. Must be physically in the state of Texas.


A safe and empowering space for Black women to come together, share their stories, and engage in therapeutic discussions.

women lying near to a multicolored glass window


The group aims to foster healing, personal growth, community, and empowerment by offering a space for shared experiences, empathy, and understanding.


Every Wednesday 6:30 to 7:50 pm

Members commit, renew, and pay on a monthly basis

We all can win.
But we must win together.

Hey, sis! I am a licensed therapist who has been facilitating this group since 2018.  Before and beyond that, I am a Black woman passionate about co-creating healing spaces for other Black women. I, too, navigate the many challenges we will be exploring together. 


This is where self-care meets community-care.


oaSIS is a new “spin-off” group of the Sisters in Solidarity (SIS) group that has been offered since 2018. The SIS group will continue to be offered as 10-week course while oaSIS is an open support group not confined to 10 weeks. Themes will be chosen by the month based on the needs of the members.

Stuck Like Glue: Attachment Styles

A four- to five-week study on how your childhood impacts your adult relationships and how you can begin to heal old wounds and create better habits in your current relationships (dating, friendships, marriage, etc.)

Black Girl Magic

A four- to five-week study on discovering, exploring, and embracing your passions, gifts, and the things that bring you joy. Create a vision for your best life and develop a plan to help you realize that dream.



Cori Hill, NCC, LPC, LMFT Owner & Clinical Director


Katrina Sterling, Counselor Intern Supervised by Cori Hill, LPC,LMFT


Brandy Anders, Counselor Intern Supervised by Cori Hill, LPC,LMFT


Note from Cori: All groups since summer 2020 have been offered virtually. I definitely miss gathering in-person, but it has still been amazing to connect across the screen! We hope to offer in-person options in Dallas in Spring 2024.

*NEW: oaSIS*

Wednesdays 6:30 to 7:50 pm

$50/session paid monthly


This is an ongoing support group.


Begins July 5, 2023


Sisters in Solidarity Class

10-week class and group on Black women’s mental health and how to build community.



Tuesdays 6:30 pm to 7:50

Next course: September 5 – November 7 


$500 paid in two installments of $250

SIS in Solitude

10-week self-guided course on Black women’s mental health and how to build community.



*Recommended to do with at least one friend.

Step 1

30-minute Intake Session

Complete the Interest Form to request an intake.

Be sure to pay attention to your email and phone. We will reach out to schedule your intake.

You will complete an initial questionnaire and pay $50 to book the intake.

Step 2

Paperwork and Payment

After attending the intake, you can commit to the group by signing the group agreement in the portal.

Then, you will make a payment for your first month in the group through the client portal by the specified deadline.

Step 3

The Journey Begins!

After attending the intake, you will receive a welcome email with any access information you will need for participation.

If you don't already have one, we recommend a journal to help you process the experience.

Payments are made on the 25th of each month for the following month.

What previous SIS members say

I didn't realize so many other Black women felt like I do. It felt good to leave a space where I'm the only Black woman to sit and talk with people who get it.

I was so nervous our first session. I was like 'I gotta do this for ten weeks?!' By week eight, I was so sad we only had two sessions left! I'm so glad I did this and for the first time, I can really say I have experienced sisterhood.

I don't think I probably would have met most of the other women in real life and now [after the group] I'm looking forward to brunch with these ladies!

This was so well organized and you can tell how much passion is put into the group. I looked forward to every Wednesday! It helped me get through the week.

This is unsolicited feedback members consented to have shared anonymously with future cohorts.

Choose Your fee

The standard and discounted pricing are available always. The sponsored pricing is dependent on funding available. Since summer 2020, we have partnered with generous donors to decrease the cost of the group. 

standard pricing


Intake plus sessions at $40 each in two monthly payments

Intake Session - $55

Payment at session 1 - $200

Payment at session 5- $200

discounted pricing


Intake plus sessions at $35 each in one discounted payment

Intake Session - $55

Payment at session 1 - $350

No other fees due

sponsored pricing


Intake plus session fee determined by member’s need & sponsorships available

Intake Session - $55

Payment at session 1 - as low as $0

No other fees due

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Who can participate?

Any woman (18+) who is and identifies as Black can participate. 


In the past,  our members have ranged in age from 20 to 50 with most falling in the 25 to 40 age range. Despite being virtual, participants must also be physically in the state of Texas for all sessions.


Can I try it out first?

This group is a monthly commitment. The initial intake is an opportunity to ask any questions you may have. While participants often create genuine bonds that endure after the group, we support each other in a spirit of sisterhood. 

Technically, you can discontinue attending sessions at any time. However, you agree to the financial commitment for the full month and will pay as such. As indicated above, payment is due on the 26th of the preceding month (e.g., June 26th for the month of July) and only members who have paid in full may attend.

Can I choose which sessions to attend?

The group is a monthly commitment and its effectiveness depends on the group dynamic. This means that members are there to give as well as to receive. While a session topic may not be particularly relevant to you, your perspective can be beneficial to others in the group. Members are surveyed about their interests in each topic prior to starting so that the curriculum can be adjusted if necessary.

Can I do this instead of individual counseling?

Group counseling is not a replacement for individual counseling. However, you may experience some similar benefits. You may find that some group topics unearth some areas for further exploration for you. If you do not have an individual counselor currently to help you process more deeply and thoroughly than the group can provide, we can discuss your options. I offer discounts to clients who participate in both group and individual counseling with me (or another counselor at Chill Counseling) concurrently. If I am not the best fit for that part of your journey, I am more than happy to connect you with someone else within or outside the practice.

What topics are discussed?

Among others, we discuss racial trauma and other concepts relating to Black women’s mental health,  generational cycles, relationships, sisterhood,  career woes, body image, vulnerability, and more. Members are surveyed about topics prior to the start of the group so that curriculum can be adjusted if necessary.

Is it confidential?

As the therapist and facilitator, we will uphold my ethics to keep everything  shared in the group confidential. While members do not have the same professional obligations, the group depends on mutual trust and respect of each other and each other’s privacy. In five years, we have not become aware of a breach of confidentiality, but any such breach will result in automatic dismissal for a group member.

Can my friend join with me?

Yes. For the first time in 5 years, we are waiving the “no outside friendship” requirement for the oaSIS group. However, we expect that your participation will foster the sense of safety and trust required for this group. This means that what happens in the group stays in the group. If you are interested in healing opportunities within friendship groups, please contact me to discuss your options. I would love to help create an experience for you and your friends.

Will my intersectional identities be affirmed?


While I cannot prevent all possible biases, blindspots, or potentially harmful perspectives that other group members may have, I am clear in the intake that this group is inclusive to all Black women. I want to also stress that we will all hold each other mutually accountable for providing a safe space to each other. It is and must be a space that disallows perspectives that uphold the oppression of any of us. (If you’re thinking “I love everyone, but I don’t know if I’m ‘woke’ enough for this group,” don’t worry!  We are ALL learning and unlearning and growing and connecting in this space and part of the safety is creating a culture of support and not shame. 

Can I join if I'm nervous or a reserved person ?

Absolutely– we will meet you where you are. I also invite you to challenge yourself and expand your comfort zone. We can process together (or you can do so alone in individual counseling) what may be stopping you from speaking up more.

Can I do the group if I've participated in the past ?

Yes! One reason oaSIS was created is so that those who already completed the structured 10-week SIS group may still have a place for community and support. (You do not have to complete that group to attend.)

If I change my mind, can I be refunded?

All payments are non-refundable. Intake: Payment is due to confirm intake appointment and will not be refunded or transferred (if you need to reschedule with less than 24 hours notice, you will have to pay again). Monthly Fee: If you have paid and have to cancel before the 27th of the preceding month, and we are able to secure someone else to take your spot, we will refund 90% of the monthly fees (not the intake).